Money On Chain Introduces Bitcoin Liquidity Mining Rewards


Money On Chain is giving BPro token holders new ways to gain passive income from their tokens. The new liquidity mining program started on December 7 and will continue for 30 days, or until all the MoC tokens have been distributed.

The liquidity mining program rewards BPro token holders with MoC tokens, in addition to the benefits that BPro token holders already receive. A total of 14,000 MoC tokens will be distributed on a daily basis, although this amount is subject to change.

Money on Chain Creates More Opportunities

Money On Chain has created a range of tools for people who want to own, hold, and use Bitcoin in their lives. The new liquidity mining program is another way the company is working to create real-world solutions for Bitcoin.

The co-founder of Money on Chain, Manuel Ferrari, told media,

“In designing Money on Chain, we’ve given special consideration to bitcoin hodlers. As such, we’ve implemented various incentives as a way of making it more attractive for users to contribute their collateral to the Money on Chain ecosystem.”

The MoC token will also allow its holders to participate in the governance of the Money On Chain ecosystem, which furthers one of the foundational values of the company. Decentralization is a powerful force, and Money On Chain is working to create more decentralized options for everyday people.


Options for Bitcoin Users

The Money On Chain platform has created a range of tools to help people use digital payment solutions. In addition to its BPro token, it offers the Dollar on Chain (DoC) token, as well as the leveraged BTCx token.

In essence, the company has created a way for people to use both the stability of fiat currency and also speculate on a rising Bitcoin price. Anyone who holds the BPro token is able to gain leverage to the Bitcoin price at no cost, and the BTCx token takes it a step further, offering leverage all the time at a fixed cost.

Bitcoin prices are on the rise, and this time, institutional interest is driving the move higher. Large investors and major financial service companies, like PayPal, are getting into Bitcoin, which makes the market for retail-oriented solutions like Money on Chain especially interesting.

With rising public interest, more people will likely want the kind of token options that BPro has created. The new liquidity mining program is also very positive for the platform and will give anyone who supports the platform a vote in how it operates.

More Ways to Grow

Another important aspect of Money On Chain’s design idea is that all of the tokens it offers are fully non-custodial. Instead of trusting an exchange with private keys in order to gain leverage to the Bitcoin price, these tokens allow holders to maintain control over their private keys via the use of smart contracts.

In the world of crypto, counterparty risk is underappreciated, as the recent OKEx situation demonstrates. As more people enter the markets, it is likely that attention will be given to the issues that surround the proliferation of centralized platforms in the decentralized asset space.

Money On Chain has clearly secured a first-mover advantage in the decentralized token space, and it has been able to create novel tokens that offer real benefits to the people that hold them.

The new liquidity mining programs will likely reinforce the company’s positive image and show that it is dedicated to creating decentralized tools.


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