Metaplanet Increases Bitcoin Holdings to 203 BTC Amid Price Dip

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Japanese Firm Metaplanet Sees Stock Surge After Third Bitcoin Purchase


Japanese company Metaplanet has purchased an additional 42 Bitcoin worth $2.4 million.
Metaplanet now holds 203 Bitcoin in total, valued at about 2 billion yen ($11 million).
The purchase comes as Bitcoin’s price has fallen below $55,000.
Metaplanet’s stock price has risen following its Bitcoin acquisition strategy.
The company is adopting Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and weak yen.

Metaplanet Inc., a publicly traded Japanese company, has purchased an additional 42 Bitcoin, valued at approximately $2.4 million.

This move comes at a time when Bitcoin’s price has dipped below $55,000, showcasing the firm’s commitment to its cryptocurrency investment strategy.

The Tokyo-based company now holds a total of 203 Bitcoin, worth about 2 billion yen (roughly $11 million). This latest acquisition is part of Metaplanet’s ongoing effort to bolster its cryptocurrency holdings, despite recent market volatility.


Metaplanet’s decision to invest in Bitcoin comes against the backdrop of Japan’s ongoing economic challenges. The country has been grappling with decades of sluggish growth, an aging population, and a weakening yen. As of July 2024, the yen has fallen to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar since 1986 and has hit a record low against the euro.

Metaplanet sees Bitcoin as a potential hedge against inflation and a way to diversify away from the weak yen. The company began adding Bitcoin to its treasury in April 2024, following a strategy similar to that of MicroStrategy, a U.S. company known for its large Bitcoin holdings.

Dylan LeClair, Metaplanet’s Director of Bitcoin Strategy, explained the company’s approach:

“Japan’s favorable environment for Bitcoin adoption presents a unique opportunity for corporate strategy and growth.”

LeClair’s role in shaping Metaplanet’s Bitcoin strategy has earned him comparisons to Michael Saylor, the driving force behind MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investments.

Metaplanet’s Bitcoin purchases have had a positive impact on its stock price. Since the beginning of 2024, the company’s stock has surged by 382%, largely driven by its Bitcoin adoption strategy. Following the announcement of its latest Bitcoin acquisition, Metaplanet’s stock price rose by 2.5% in post-lunch trading.

However, Metaplanet’s investment comes at a time of uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin’s price has recently fallen below $55,000, with several factors contributing to the downturn. These include potential selling pressure from the defunct Mt. Gox exchange’s creditors, large Bitcoin holdings by the German government, and concerns about the upcoming U.S. election.

Despite these challenges, Metaplanet remains committed to its Bitcoin strategy. The company has stated that its Bitcoin holdings are intended for long-term retention and will be recorded at their acquisition cost. Under Japanese regulations, these holdings are exempt from taxation based on end-of-term market value assessments.

Metaplanet’s move aligns with a broader trend of companies adding Bitcoin to their balance sheets. While Metaplanet is relatively small, with a market capitalization of about $97 million, its strategy mirrors that of larger players like MicroStrategy, which holds over 226,000 Bitcoin valued at $12.5 billion.

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