Japanese Firm Metaplanet Sees Stock Surge After Third Bitcoin Purchase

Japanese Firm Metaplanet Sees Stock Surge After Third Bitcoin Purchase
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Metaplanet, a Japanese company dubbed “Asia’s MicroStrategy,” has made its third Bitcoin purchase in seven weeks, acquiring 23.25 BTC worth $1.59 million.
The company’s total Bitcoin holdings now stand at 141.07 BTC, valued at approximately $9.6 million, with an average purchasing price of $65,365 per Bitcoin.
Following the announcement of the Bitcoin purchase, Metaplanet’s shares surged by 10.8% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Metaplanet’s Bitcoin investment strategy aims to hedge against Japan’s worsening debt burden and the rapidly depreciating Japanese yen.
The company’s Bitcoin holdings have yielded a 4.5% gain at the current market price, and its stock has soared nearly fivefold since unveiling its Bitcoin investment strategy on April 9, 2024.

Japanese company Metaplanet, often referred to as “Asia’s MicroStrategy,” has made headlines once again with its third significant Bitcoin purchase in just seven weeks.

The firm’s latest acquisition of 23.25 Bitcoin, worth approximately $1.59 million, has bolstered its total Bitcoin holdings to an impressive 141.07 BTC, valued at around $9.6 million.

Metaplanet’s strategic move to invest in Bitcoin comes as a means to hedge against Japan’s escalating debt burden and the rapidly depreciating Japanese yen.


With a debt-to-GDP ratio of 261%, the highest among developed countries, Japan’s economic situation has prompted the company to seek alternative investment options to protect its assets.

Investors have responded positively to Metaplanet’s decision, as evidenced by the 10.8% surge in the company’s stock price on the Tokyo Stock Exchange following the announcement of the latest Bitcoin purchase.

This uptick in share value reflects the growing confidence in Metaplanet’s financial strategy and its potential to capitalize on the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a viable investment option.

Since unveiling its Bitcoin investment strategy on April 9, 2024, Metaplanet’s stock has experienced a nearly fivefold increase. The company’s initial Bitcoin purchase of 97.85 BTC on April 23, followed by an additional 19.87 BTC on May 10, has positioned Metaplanet as the 30th largest corporate holder of Bitcoin worldwide.

Metaplanet’s approach to investing in Bitcoin draws comparisons to MicroStrategy, the largest corporate Bitcoin shareholder. Like MicroStrategy, Metaplanet has expressed its intention to adopt a range of capital market instruments to further strengthen its Bitcoin reserves.

This strategy not only serves as a hedge against economic uncertainties but also positions the company as a trailblazer in Japan’s digital finance landscape.

The Japanese yen’s 35% decline against the US dollar over the past year, coupled with Bitcoin’s nearly 200% surge against the yen, has further validated Metaplanet’s decision to invest in the cryptocurrency.

At the current market price of $68,313, the company’s Bitcoin holdings have already yielded a 4.5% gain, highlighting the potential for long-term capital appreciation.

While Metaplanet’s Bitcoin holdings are still relatively small compared to MicroStrategy’s 214,400 BTC, the company’s commitment to incorporating Bitcoin into its treasury assets has garnered significant attention.

By diversifying its investments and reducing its exposure to the Japanese yen, Metaplanet aims to navigate the challenges posed by Japan’s low-interest-rate environment and safeguard its financial future.

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