Bitcoin Halving Promises New Market Dynamics as Miners Adjust to Reduced Rewards

Sarah Morton

Since the halving is programmed to occur every 210,000 blocks, it creates a distinct time frame between these events that lasts about four years. In these four years, there has historically been a peak price, a trough price, a bull portion of the cycle, and a bear portion of the cycle. The most price appreciation has historically been in the month preceding and following the halving. This is a result of the supply shock that the halving creates. After the new supply/demand equilibrium is reached, the price peaks and then a drastic sell-off occurs until the BTC price finds its bottom or trough. This is usually 12-18 months after the halving. Once we get to the bottom, the price chops around, then steadily rises until we get close to the halving, and the cycle repeats.

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